Thursday, May 28, 2009

Career Day /Presenters

My favorite was presenter is Elina Brown . She was funny and she was tell me about her cool job.She works as a producer in emeril live and emeril go green. It was cool she gets to travel in different places. She have 3 different steps editing, pre producing and producing . The editing is like writing the script, check the stove and stuff making sure everything is ok. She was really nice and my sister and i had a lot of questions. we asked her several questions. Like did she have problems with other people in the set. She said yes but she talked it out. She was in the same college as my teacher Ms Sa. She was talking about how she was feeling before meeting Emeril she said she was so excited to meet him .But she first claimed that she wasn't going to over react. That he is just a normal person just like her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My favorite jobs!

Computer Support Specialist it very cool i get to fix and reset data from the computer base on what i do now. Like the job because it has to do with the things i am good at and the things i am doing today. I also like the job of being a professional athlete base on my quiz i am very athletic and am in to all kinds of sports and at home i have about 1 trophy and 1 medal for sports. I like a photographer job it seems cool and i can fix the pictures in the computer and put them in any way i pick to.

Career Day

I have to think about Career day because i need to think what i want to study and who

Steve Harmon

He is innocent he didn't really do anything if you think about it base on what they people told the jury they haven't told anything about Steve his name don't come at all in the book it only talks about the way the crime happen and how it was going to happen but its like he didn't do nothing so base on that he is going to be proven innocent because he didn't even give them a sign or told them that there is cops or that if they were no cops.So every one had to do with the crime and had to do with the murder of Mr Nesbitt. But Steve that what i thin and Steve shouldn't chill with people that can get him in that type of trouble.Plus Steve know that BoBo been to jail and has spend quite all lot of years over there.
Our friends do and don't influence us because we have are own way of acting. yes i have got in trouble because off hanging out with the wrong people i was with one of my old friends and then i was in the hallway my friend told me to write on the walls and i told him no i will get in trouble for doing that.He started to say i can't hang out with people that are scared of writing on the walls.Come on just write fresh stars on the wall i was like i am going to get in trouble.Then he handed me a marker and then he was like here write it so then i wrote it and the manger of the building came and asked me why i was writing on the wall that he is going to call the cops so then it told him it wasn't me i don't have a marker with me you can check me he checked and didn't find a marker because i had thew it out . I stop hanging out with the boy he almost caused me to go to jail because of him.That's why O brain tells Steve Harmon to pick his friends wisely because something worst happen to him than what happen to me.