Monday, December 8, 2008

>Carolyn Fanas Nov, 20, 2008

Dear Diary ,

I didn't like the carpenters at all. They was wrose than mom leaving me spend a few days where they adpot kids at. Well me and doggie are together now we can spend most of our time together .Well i am kind of mad i had to leave mark behind and my mom can't take him with us. I was very happy to see my mom and to go home with her.The Carpenters was bad they would beat me hurt me . She would give me some nasty food. She will allways let me sit at a samll talbe and small chair i was feeling kind of used that she was making money out me. It was the wrost and thanks to Mr. Carpenter i got to back . i feel kind of bad that i had broke her plate but i didnt mean to. But when i broke her glass door that was so i can get back home. I am now happy i get to roam around my house again and see my brother. i promies my self that I would try my best to live with out mark. Doggie have some very great ideas to helping me. It's good i had the chance to take doggie with me now i dont have to be lonely anymore. i liked the orphanage it was alittle fun i mean i broke the first rule Don't make friends. Now i know how it feel when you lose someone

Your Friend, Jennings

Dear ,doggie

I hope i dont lose you i dont wanna miss you as much i miss my mom
i am very glad that i get to spend my life with you.Your my bestfriend and i already lost one.I wonder what is happen to my mom from the time i left i am really sad that i get to talk to you in this way people may thing i am stupid. Good thing i won't get sent to the Carpenters again

Love Jennings

Dear book ,


Um i am very sorry that i have to a new home now i wonder what will happen to doogie i don't want him with the carpenters again. i mean it very bad over there.i would get beat by the carpenters. i love my dog doggie i mean i can spend more time with him. Now that i a leaving to a new house. A home with out mark how would i make friends. Good thing i know the rules so then i wont die of hunger. Man its crazy how i have to live a life like this. With my mom i cant live so i cry ever time i think of her.

Love , Jennings
Dear Doggie,


Um my mom is every sick I see her in bed with the nun wearing white and i just cry. What if you have the same thing as my brother.
I dont wanna lose you too

Love Jennings.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Life

My life is great i mean i am 13 years old and my mom and my dad are not with each other but that don't matter but when my dad is mad at my mom he get mad at us because i think my mom is always saying the truth she not a lier my dad lies to me every year because he say that he is going to take me to DR and he never do i get very mad i can compare my life to many others see i am a twin me and my sister aer both 13 but she was born first every year hope everything change and it all the same i wish that my mom and my dad will just get along i mean he wants to get back with my mom told no because he got a new baby coming ! I cant think of more to say to my dad i mean i have one brother from my mom and one brother from my dad and two step brother from my dad and now a baby girl that's coming that's a big family. but then again my life have been very hard i wish u can see how it is to last one day in my life. My mom and dad left each other when i was just 6 years old i know unbelievable how can they do this to us we were there two little girls now that they not with each other everything is hard m dad only picks me up on Saturdays will when he feels like it. But i am fine with that i get to spend a lot of time with my mom and my brother i love spend time at home but when i am bored because my brother is sleeping i will just go to my friends house.