Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Life

My life is great i mean i am 13 years old and my mom and my dad are not with each other but that don't matter but when my dad is mad at my mom he get mad at us because i think my mom is always saying the truth she not a lier my dad lies to me every year because he say that he is going to take me to DR and he never do i get very mad i can compare my life to many others see i am a twin me and my sister aer both 13 but she was born first every year hope everything change and it all the same i wish that my mom and my dad will just get along i mean he wants to get back with my mom told no because he got a new baby coming ! I cant think of more to say to my dad i mean i have one brother from my mom and one brother from my dad and two step brother from my dad and now a baby girl that's coming that's a big family. but then again my life have been very hard i wish u can see how it is to last one day in my life. My mom and dad left each other when i was just 6 years old i know unbelievable how can they do this to us we were there two little girls now that they not with each other everything is hard m dad only picks me up on Saturdays will when he feels like it. But i am fine with that i get to spend a lot of time with my mom and my brother i love spend time at home but when i am bored because my brother is sleeping i will just go to my friends house.

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