Thursday, January 8, 2009

i would make them all happy now that the king had approved my idea of making a other colony then i can make the king happy. I should try to make the king to govern the colony with me tell him all the good things about the colony if we run it together. I need a boat that can hold 100 people i need wood so they can build houses i need lot of items imported from a other country but it can't be any bad items at all. We will have fun there at graffiti land its fun and theres lots of food. So together we can run a colony.Mexico and i can get there in a horse.I will control half and the king will control half too.One part is the water part. The king can get the solider part. Pretty much i am giving the king the hard parts.I am going to govern every that's easy and leave the king the hard parts but to make him happy with me doing the easy thing fast then i can help him out.I would try to explain to them as well as i can so they can agree with me and if they don't then we will have a problem if we were to disagree something big. The colony will grow because people will come.I would make his job so easy they wont be allot of complains but there will be allot of things that he will need to buy. It will be successful because there's going to be a lot of people coming and then its gonna feel like i brag more then 100 people.

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