Friday, February 27, 2009

tell me what the book "Bronx Masquerade" is about:The book is about a random talking how bad and reckless there life is and how they suffer in life
Do you like the book "Bronx Masquerade?" Yea the book is cool because you get know how other kids life is and how kids in high school life is

Why? Why not?Yes I do because it teaches me more about people try and it shows me that poetry can also be about your life.
Who is your favorite character in the book?Sterling S. Hughes.
What do you like the most about this character? He is a preacher and he looks for gods love
What problems does this character have?He wants to be a teacher because he want to help other people.
What do you have in common with this character?We both like helping people.
Is there any other character you have something in common with?Yes

Who is your least favorite character?
Raul because he's just a character that is boring and almost has the same character traits like Diondra.
What problems does your least favorite character have? He doesn't like it when people breath over him just because he can draw.
Have you experienced those kinds of problems? Yes

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