Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lake Compounce

went by there came out with her hands up screaming i came out with my knuckles holding my chin.It was the best ride in the park at least that's what I think. The big said you are not going to the trip so then she said no you are going i am going to pay. So i go in side the bus.We were on our way to C.t. The time we left was like at 8am.I was in the back of the bus talking to desire .It was fun i am not going to lie.The trip was crazy i love all the rides that were there and mostly the fast roller coaster in the east coast. Me and Ms For the 7Th grade class trip i went to lake compounce.The trip was located in C.t . Before i left i was on my way to school.Then Ms horanSa were the only one in our group that went on it.I felt like i was going to fall out my seat.When i was on the bus i just talked to desire about me leave and today being my last day in school and all the people i was going to miss and stuff. I didn't see any movies because i couldn't because i think that movie was boring.The bus ride was about 3 hours.I felt fine in the bus until i was on my way back.I felt bad because i was just full from the food that Ms sa had gotten me it was very good. When i arrived in the park i was just waiting to see which ride i would go in first.I felt happy when i got there i knew i was going to have fun right away.My group was Heidi ,Carla,Meily,Larolyn,ms Sa.The teacher i was with was ms sa.The first ride we was going to go on was the zoomaran and larolyn and ms saselfs on it . The the ride the rest of us went on was ghost hunter.Me and Ms sa were going to bet on who can score the most but when all the lights went of ms sa started to scream.The other ride I went on was the Dash which is the fasted one in the east coast. Ms Saweel was pretty cool too. It was relaxing and a very nice view of the hole park.I didn't dislike any rides.
I liked all the rides.The funny thing that happen in one of the rides was that there was this man that didn't get off this one ride.But thats because he was kinda of crazy in the head i felt bad but yet it was funny.Ms sa went on all the rides we went on.The food was nice ms sa had got me and larolyn something to eat and it was some weird french fries i never tasted fries that good before.

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