Friday, April 24, 2009


The language we use is very strong .When we call each other names its because one we know then like that or when they offend us in a way. But like some people take it to the ode. I call people names because sometimes they ode on me like sometime they just don't know how to stop playing around. i call Ada alien every day so base on that i use name calling every single day. Ada don't take it personality because me and her be playing around. Everyday people are called names base on the way they act and the way they call the other person name is like they be Odin on there name or mom or father.Not that i know of no one is being tasted for being gay. But yet some is being tasted for being fat. I think they are sad upset and feel like dieing together. The girl called Steve a Monster because he did a big crime like he killed a man. They are all lot of people that get called names everyday even right now.Even when its ugly or alien. Steve is very sad that he is being called a monster because from his point of view he is a nice person.I don't think he is a monster but yet he shouldn't be able to kill someone and like get away with it. I think he is innocent yet guilty because he should had never did any of that and there is no fingerprints so it hard to see if he innocent.There is a chance that the jury see him at a monster because there is no prove that he is innocent. No he is not a monster but like he is a monster in a way i just not sure.

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