Friday, April 3, 2009


Aim: How do we solve proportions by crossing products?

It can help you in lots of ways. Like i learned that density is the ratio of a substance's mass to its  volume. So you can start by  showing you understand the problem. Then you can plan it  like you can write the problem out. Then you solve it. I solved the problem and the answer is 8 they messed  up like when they multiply it and when i think that they just picked a any number and multiply  it. They could of multiplied a number and not had divided it. Like for example 6:24 and 2:15 you pt that as a fraction then you multiply 24 and 2 and it is 48 then you multiply 6 and 15 and that is gonna be 90. So you already have  48=90 and that is  not proportional.  So that how you see if they are proportional or not.

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