Monday, April 27, 2009

Racsim is Nonstop!

Yes i think Racism is still alive the way people are miss treated by the way the look or the way they act we all need to be treated the same.We are the same some how don't you think? Racism is bad it still happens a lot in places people still miss treat others because of there color.Its very bad i know that what happens out side in many places when blacks are left last or Latinos are left last because we are not from here. I think racism started because the white wanted to have more rights then blacks and Latinos as well.
Yes Steve Harmon is passing by racism because they was like that when they lay eyes on him they think he was guilty that's impossible unless the jurors are white.I think that racism is in the country court systems because the way we are treated by the way we act. I understand if we did a crime and there is no way to be proven not guilty. Sometimes we are treat bad because we are treating them bad. But i don't think that blacks and Hispanics are gonna be treated any different if the jurors are Hispanics or if there are black.
I think that most people are in jail then in collage because of the cops they maybe a cop in the street and he see a black guy and then he just say i saw you drop a pack of drug or shoot someone or your a part of a gang fight/Robbery.

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